IDEA POINT be creative, be happy. Developing & Expanding the creative capabilities of people and companies


Consulting Service
Consulting for new product development and the creation of new businesses, and brand consulting services, utilizing "techniques for developing the creative potential of organizations and individuals".
Development of corporate training and educational content
Survey consulting for the development of creativity for organizations and individuals, intensive training and workshops, and educational content geared for corporations.
Various seminars for the development of creativity geared toward individuals. Themes dubbed creativity for all have been arranged for each industry, and professionals are invited to hold seminars to deliver stimulation "that cannot be found in ordinary life".
YUME Project
A project that aims to achieve the "dreams" of each individual employee. While this may be a seemingly difficult task, "creative ideas" mean the project takes on a concrete, definite form (It will be so called the interactive laboratories of creative techniques). Information will be distributed as needed, so feel free to cheer us on.