IDEA POINT is a group of professionals focusing on the development of creativity. Our mission is to bring out the maximum creativity of each and every person, regardless of whether they be individuals, or part of teams or entire companies.

IDEA POINT works with partners in various fields, including design and engineering, to help resolve issues faced by companies that cannot be resolved using existing techniques, regardless of the field of business. And instead of simply providing individuals, teams or entire companies with creativity, we focus on providing full support for developing and implementing creative business. Have you ever wanted to try something new, or create a completely fresh new idea? IDEA POINT has the solution for individuals and companies wanting to achieve these ideas.


We refuse to believe that new ideas are simply random thoughts, those that come to form hit products or those that spring up out of the blue. And new ideas are not a privilege restricted to a select few who are exceptionally intelligent.

Instead, we believe that the most valuable ideas can only really take form with innocent questions, a sense of curiosity and a broad imagination – all in the correct sequence (although not all these factors are essential). During this process, holding discussions with people who have a range of different ideas helps to refine the values that are raised by each and every individual.

When clients ask us to examine a certain topic, we gather professionals from different fields – business, design, engineering and academia – to discuss the topic together and find a solution that could not be resolved using existing techniques.

There is no doubting that examining topics from a critical perspective – which means taking a logical approach – is the same as using existing techniques. Those seeking different opinions from a variety of different fields should make an inquiry.