be creative, be happy.

If only…we could work in a more interesting, more enjoyable manner.
This is the key reason why we decided to establish this company.

There is an unimaginable abundance of exciting ideas around the world. Have you ever thought to yourself…if only I could do that, or it would be great if it was like that.
Our goal is to gather exciting ideas that stem from these thoughts, and mould random concepts into a more tangible form. Good things are bound to happen after that.

To us, work always presents new challenges.
Regardless of the type of task, we first approach it in an exciting way, and then tackle it in the most enjoyable and thorough way possible. Our goal is to work with people with the same set of ideals.
We want to focus on the significance of ideas that are born as a result of professionals from such a varied range of fields coming to work together.
Sometime we wonder who we will be working with next…which makes it all the more exciting. Working to achieve each other’s goals…come and join us!!

September 8, 2011
President & CEO Toru Iwata
Toru Iwata